I don’t do quick fixes. You will see results right away, but in terms of “magick bullets”? there are none. Families come to me when they’ve tried literally everything else. I bring hope, peace and results:

1. Healthier sleeping patterns

2. reduction in aggressive behaviours

3. Improved patience

4. Improved reading


*My Program requires a minimum 1 month commitment*

Level One Program:

One Month Trial:

  • Life Activation for at least one parent and the child(ren)
  • Weekly Meditations geared towards most pressing needs of the child
  • Private Youtube Channel with bedtime Meditation created specifically for each child


  • Initial intake and consultation

  • Life Activation for all family members including pets (except aquatic animals)

  • Mini Me Yoga Training for Parents to do with Children

  • Nightly regular Max Meditation for children

  • Pruning of all Media in the household and exposure to children

  • Bi-monthly check-in and adjustment sessions

Unless the entire family, including parents, are willing to make personal changes, nothing will change for the child with anxiety. My Job is to bring Hope, Peace and Good Order to your family. I am 100% effective. The speed at which the Program works is always up to the Client Family. I do not offer refunds-I offer results.

A deposit is required and payment plans are available.

**Legal Disclaimer**- I am a Masters-level Special Educator, Consultant and Healer.  You and your family are always 100% responsible for your choices, especially as they relate to medication and your child’s mental health. I am not a Medical Doctor. I will offer suggestions.