I have ADHD and I have both taught and Coached kids with ADHD. This I know. I offer Coaching to Educators, Parents, and Children.

$65 per Coaching Session-approximately 45 minutes 

Coaching for Educators

  • I offer grounded and practical tips and tools to assist you in shifting into much more positive experience with the children

Coaching for Parents

  • I offer specific tools dealing with everything from food to routines, homework and bedtime rituals

Coaching for Children

  • My Mission has always been to help children understand how their brains are wired so they can remain the Captain of their own ship and take full responsibility for their thoughts, feelings, actions and words
  • Each session is specific to each child and their needs

 Coaching Session Schedule:

  • 15 minute check-in and Victory report
  • 15 minute tune-in for problem-solving
  • 15 Minutes for new business and new tools

Initial Consultation with Educators for Coaching: $150 for 90 minutes 

  • 45 minutes for introductions and statement of current problems and situation
  • 45 minutes Specific Coaching and setting up agenda and schedule for further action


Initial Consultation with Parents and Children for Coaching: 90 minutes $150

  • 2o minutes with parents and child
  • 20 minutes with child
  • 20 minutes with parents 
  • 30 minutes Specific Coaching and setting up agenda and schedule for further action


Added Costs:   I offer Mini Me Yoga Facilitator Training for Educators and Parents and specific Meditation techniques derivative of The Max Meditation System TM at an additional cost.