Heather M. McCrae, MEd 

Heather has devoted her working life to families and children. She has worked tirelessly as a Nanny, Special Educator, and now as an Educational Consultant and the Ambassador to Canada for Mini Me Yoga.

As a Nanny for many years she got to know what things all families have in common in terms of needs and stressors.  As a Special Educator working with children in poverty, she saw first-hand the effects of childhood trauma on children living in poverty and also kids who have learning disabilities.

The one thing Heather has seen is that all children have the same needs-to be respected, loved and understood. It’s that simple and that complicated, as each child is specific in their needs.

Mini Me Yoga’s founder, a good and dear of friend of Heather’s created Mini Me Yoga directly from the needs of children living in war-torn areas in the Middle East. Kate Bartram-Brown developed Mini Me Yoga as an antidote to stresses on those children and has been wildly successful in translating those early versions of our program to children and families all over the world!

Mini Me Yoga is in 25 countries now in only 3 years! We serve families and children of all walks of life and needs. We have taught classes to children with Autism and have trained everyday Mums and Dads who want a fun and centering activity for their children. The one thing we know, factually, is that when families integrate our Core 15 Minute Program into their child’s daily routine, and do this consistently, the children are calmer, happier and much more able to handle life’s daily stressors.

I teach this program to parents, nannies, childcare providers and educators. No one needs to any background in Yoga to be able to utilize our simple and fun program. A desire to have fun with the children in their lives is all you need. Educators, who have been trained in our program, have another set of classroom management tools that are gentle and effective. 




Education & Credentials

MEd Exceptional Student Education 2009-Saint Leo University

Certification Program– University of Georgia: 2008-May 2009 MEd. Exceptional Student Education- Saint Leo University 2006-2008

The Teaching of Reading and Writing-Metropolitan Atlanta Regional Education Service Agency 2005-2006

B.A. Visual Arts– University of Maryland Baltimore County: 1999

Programs of Study

Analytical Psychology– Rev. Mike Falls: 1984-1987

Comparative Religion and Native American Spirituality– Rev. Glenda Taylor: 1984-1987

Addiction and Family Systems-John Bradshaw: 1985

S.T.E.P. – Systematic Training for Effective Parenting: 1989

Body Work– Janine M. Ivory: 1990-1992

Fairy Tale Myth and Analytical Psychology, Buddhist Thought, Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine Theory– Judith Roark: 1990-1999

Priestess Process-Anyaa McAndrew: 2001-2002 Ordained Minister-2002 Madonna Ministry

CMCD: Consistency Management and Cooperative Discipline: 2005  

Non-Violent Crisis Intervention: Crisis Prevention Institute: 2005

3rd  Level Initiate, Healer and Life Activation Practitioner -MMS 2013

Jikiden Reiki: 2010 and 2013 Okudon Level  

Training and Re-Certifications

Certified Life Activation Practitioner, Max Meditation and Healer- MMS 2005-Present

Jikiden Reiki Certification- Usui Reiki Treatment Method for Improvement of Body and Mind. Jikiden Reiki Zenki (Okudon) Attuned: 2013 Certification- Usui Reiki Treatment Method for Improvement of Body and Mind. Jikiden Reiki Zenki (Shoden) Attuned: 2010 Practicum- Teacher

Member in Good Standing: Jikiden Reiki Association 

Certified Mini Me Yoga Ambassador- October 2015



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