Don’t let anxiety and stress rule your life

Heather M. McCrae,MEd Certified Healer

Energy and Anxiety Expert

-By using Meditation with Archetypes, Life Activation, Mini Me Yoga (for children) , and other powerfully gentle tools, I bring much needed relief to adults and children  suffering from Anxiety and stress

What can I do for you?

I am:

Experienced Masters-Level Special Educator

Certified Professional Life Activation Practitioner

Certified Max Meditation TM Facilitator

Certified Okuden Jikiden Reiki Practitioner

Certified Healer



If you are reading this, you are already considering making an appointment with Heather. Good choice.

The process may seem strange and woowoo but it has merit. It may not solve the issue that you think you have but it can lead to solving one that is even more important. Often energy work has a way of delving deeper than what we feel comfortable revealing to ourselves. This was my experience. I am still working out the impactful energy shift that I was gifted, still acknowledging that it was a gift, a gift of openness and ripeness.

If you have continued to read to here, you are ready to give her a call or a message and book a session.

-Life Activation Client


I’m an open-minded skeptic when it comes to what I refer to as woowoo, but when I had a severe attack of sciatica I turned to Heather for some reiki treatment to alleviate my tremendous pain. I experienced relief almost immediately and was able to stand without tears before she left. I’m not sure why I’m still a skeptic about energy healing, because it keeps working for me. (I have also had a Life Activation performed by Heather, and I am more focused and driven about achieving my goals than I have ever been before.) Thanks Heather. You’re amazing at what you do.


By the way…in our cuddle with me this morning, he told me you were his hero. When I asked why, he said it’s because you calm him down”….

Thank you Heather McCrae for training me in Mini Me Yoga! I’ve been doing it daily with my after school crew & they love it!! 💕

Thank you again for teaching us today Heather!!

Today’s teachings will compliment our Montessori Peace Education which encompasses Grace and Courtesy.

Emotions and Mindfulness are brought up daily in our learning and today’s Mini Me Yoga workshop empowers me even more to helping and guiding my little friends to calmly embrace their feelings.

both of us are great. Less emotional outbursts, calmer. She seems much less fearful, talking about future plans, loves her job at trampoline place. It’s all great! Thx!! 💕💕

I’m feeling good. Nothing really out of the ordinary for me, but I’m usually pretty easy going.
I have noticed dealing with the kids I have perhaps more patience

You do such good work, Heather – I loved my life activation and would recommend it for sure!

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