7 Session Coaching Program

Time to up your game! I offer you tools to increase your Light, which means you will be much happier and a lot more productive!

7 weeks includes:

30 minute Channeling sessions-connect with Angels, Archangels, and Planetary Light Beings who are just jumping at the chance to be of Service to you!

Tarot Readings-short, 1-3 card readings to start your session, allowing for a clearer picture of what’s going on

Basic Qabalah information to help you see more deeply into yourself-Hermetic Qabalah has so much to offer in terms of valuable insights and exercises to strengthen your relationship with yourself and your Light.

Meditation Work to help you visualize the Life you want and the Success you want. These Meditations are focused on healing blockages to abundance, success, and happiness

All online!

Total invest in you is $350 + HST= $395.50

In Canada e-transfer only

Global credit cards accepted with appropriate fees