14 Session Coaching and Healing Program

Join me on a 14 Session Journey all about you! I am accepting a limited number of clients for private one-on-one Coaching and Healing sessions to enhance your Life!

We will cover the following in a very unique way:

  1. Limiting beliefs and their actual effect on your Life and how to expand your Faith to create a better Reality

  1. How your thoughts literally shape your reality and how to shift that thinking in a practical way. Learn how to literally change your Mind for the better.

  2. Expanding your communication skills to enhance your ability to get what you want and need

  3. Remove barriers of fear, loss, and anger that stand in the way of your Progress and opening yourself to bigger experiences

  4. Learning practical ways to protect your Joy, in order to have healthier boundaries with others and live the Life you want

  5. Specific tools for managing big emotions so they stop getting in the way of what you want and need

  6. Use your physical body as the touchstone of your spiritual experience. Don’t leave your body- go deeper in!

* A $200 deposit is due to secure your sessions. First come, first serve.

**This program is open to online clients

***You MUST have a Life Activation to participate in these one-on-one Coaching and Healing Sessions

Why the Chakras Matter

There are seven central chakras in the body, but in total, there are over 2000.

Most people hear the word “chakras” and roll their eyes and imagine some hippy or hipster meditating.

Truthfully, these Energy centres matter more than even meditators generally know.

The Crown Chakra, above your head, is the connector point between us and our God/Diety/LightSource (Insert appropriate Divine Energy Source for you.).

So here is my question to you, curious Reader: How big is your God? What you are receptive to, directly effects everything about you. So I’ll ask again: How big is your God? What are you receiving? Is it Hope? Is it Love? Is it Dogma?

What you are receiving, flows through the Core of your being. What do you want to flow? How open are you to a Loving Source of Hope, Encouragement and Peace?

Third Eye Chakra

This chakra is located in your central core behind your forehead in the center of your skull. Traditionally it’s about your intuition. But here’s the thing- most people have really wonky intuition. Do you know why? His Holiness the Dalai Lama says our thoughts are polluted.

So if your God is small and mean, guess what?! So are your thoughts and so is your intuitive ability. If your God is big, loving and supportive, it’s easier to let that Golden Light of Love down into your central Core to your Third Eye, which opens your mind to see the Truth, but not just the Truth- that Light directly effects the quality of your thoughts.

The first precept in the Hermetic Tradition is: All is Mind. Your thoughts create your Reality. Every decision you make calls out your experiences. If your thoughts are polluted, your life is going to be unnecessarily complicated and messy. All is Mind.

You deserve a Big Loving God Who helps you think Big Loving Thoughts about your Reality. Allow yourself to conceive of more.

-excerpts from my upcoming book

C. 2019 Heather M. McCrae, MEd