3 Things You Can Do Today to Feel Less Anxious

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For anyone who is a Developmental Trauma Survivor, or has suffered with anxiety, anxiety is a given. It can feel completely hopeless to think it will ever go away because any trauma survivor, or anxious person, who’s had no help, has no hope. Here are three simple things that can, over time (no quick fixes) to help change your brain patterns out of “fight or flight” anxiety thinking, and into something much calmer and more relaxed

  1. Change the music you’re listening to: your brain is used to thinking obsessively which is why you get portions of songs stuck in your head. You can remember song lyrics from ages ago. You probably listen to depressing or angry music. I want to invite you to stop it. You’re keeping yourself in a stressed state. Music speaks to the unconscious mind. Start looking at the lyrics to the songs you’re singing. There are artists in every genre of music who have hopeful and/or positive lyrics.
  2. Meditate: science has proven that Meditation creates new neuropathways in your brain. To release your mind from obsessive, fear-based thinking, you need to be creating new pathways in your brain. Until you have new neuropathways, you will remain stuck. There are many different forms of Meditation-find one that is positive, calming and relaxing to lift you up.
  3. Breathe: fight or flight breathing is shallow and from the chest. As an ongoing pattern of breathing, you are literally not giving your brain enough oxygen. Practice taking slow deep breaths in through your nose and out of your mouth. Even 2 minutes a day can help!

About Heather M. McCrae, MEd

Heather worked for several years with at-risk children in the field of Special Education, with children in both Middle School and Pre-school. Since moving home to Canada in 2010, Heather focuses on working with adults, children, and trauma. She is the lead Ambassador to Canada for Mini Me Yoga, and is a Certified Healer in Jikiden Reiki, 7 Layer Aura Healing, and Life Activation. She is also a Developmental Trauma Survivor.

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