Meditations For You!

The Castle Meditation TM

Own Your Sovereignty

The Castle Meditation TM  is an opportunity to work with Archetypes and the energy systems of the body to facilitate deep Healing and Empowerment. Join me as we explore your Source of Power and how we can work with that to bring positive changes that empower you to take right action in your life!  By drawing on Neurolinguistic Programming, Relaxation, Guided Visualization, and Meditation, we are creating new neuropathways in the brain to enhance Higher Thinking.     

When we own our unconscious thoughts-especially as they relate to Power-we can shift from being a victim in our life to being the Conscious Creator of it. When we make right use of our Power, we not only transform our lives, but we shift everyone around us. When we think big, everyone around us does too!

*Meditation works to bypass the negative ego and give your subconscious positive messages to change unhealthy brain patterns. *

*For many of us, owning our Sovereignty feels wrong. It feels uncomfortable for us to own our Power-either because we believe we aren’t worth it, or we have observed the misuse of Power and it frightens us. *

“Until you make the unconscious conscious, it will direct your life and you will call it fate”

Carl Jung

*The Castle Meditation System is available to both private individuals and groups of 4 or more. For more information please contact: