Inner Child Work

Every single one of us has a little one inside longing for more- more sense of Safety, more sense of Connection, more Play and more Peace. Childhood trauma and other negative experiences hamper our ability to create the Success we want and need in our Lives.

Join me in one-on-one sessions to create a Healthy and Healing relationship with your inner child.

We will use Life Activation, Jikiden Reiki, Meditations and Coaching to enhance your Healing and Facilitate Growth and Learning.

You will learn:

  • how the age you were when Trauma started/happened affects you specifically every day
  • Specific strategies for dealing with Panic attacks and deep-seated fears
  • How to communicate effectively with your Little One to create deep Peace and Stability within
  • How to create new neuropathways in your brain to literally change the way you think so you’re not so afraid all the time
  • How to get work towards getting your Faith in Yourself and whoever God is for you back
  • How to connect deeply with your Heart and how to bypass fear-based egoic Thinking
  • How to meditate daily and will be provided with personal Meditations designed just for you

My Work with clients is meant as a companion to Medication- not a substitute. I am here to enhance your Process.

PM me for details

Workshops available for groups.