Clear out the Fears and Anxiety Holding You Back

Open the door to a much more grounded, happy and productive Reality! By working with the seven central energy centres in your body, you can release what is blocking you from success and life a MUCH more grounded and practical Life!You can Heal and deepen your Connection with the Universe, unclog your negative thinking, strengthenContinue reading “Clear out the Fears and Anxiety Holding You Back”

Why the Chakras Matter

There are seven central chakras in the body, but in total, there are over 2000. Most people hear the word “chakras” and roll their eyes and imagine some hippy or hipster meditating. Truthfully, these Energy centres matter more than even meditators generally know. The Crown Chakra, above your head, is the connector point between usContinue reading “Why the Chakras Matter”

How Willing Are You To Be Unpopular?

As an adoptive parent-and a new one at that- I’ve had a steep learning curve. I’ve had to be willing to be unpopular with both my kids and (if need be) their friends. All children are bombarded with negative messages from all media- including music and video games. Because our children are adopted, they haveContinue reading “How Willing Are You To Be Unpopular?”

3 Things You Can Do Today to Feel Less Anxious

For anyone who is a Developmental Trauma Survivor, or has suffered with anxiety, anxiety is a given. It can feel completely hopeless to think it will ever go away because any trauma survivor, or anxious person, who’s had no help, has no hope. Here are three simple things that can, over time (no quick fixes)Continue reading “3 Things You Can Do Today to Feel Less Anxious”

7 Habits of Traumatized People

Developmental Trauma is PTSD in children. The study of Developmental Trauma is about its long-term effects on individual adults over time. Everything is “on the run”– eating very quickly in the car, lots of fast food, no time to slow down- go go go. There’s always a reason everything had to be done yesterday ArgumentContinue reading “7 Habits of Traumatized People”