7 Session Coaching Program

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Open the door to a much more grounded, happy and productive Reality! By working with the seven central energy centres in your body, you can release what is blocking you from success and life a MUCH more grounded and practical Life!
You can Heal and deepen your Connection with the Universe, unclog your negative thinking, strengthen your True Voice, remember what Love is and is not, look at your ability to hold boundaries and strengthen your Will, look at how the strength of your emotions is holding you back, and have an honest look at your relationship to 3 Dimensional Reality.
This Coaching Program is not an Escape Plan, I don’t offer those.
When you’re ready to put your Crown back on and Rule your Life, send me a PM.
This is a seven-session program.

-Less Anxiety
-Less Stress
-Better sleep
-Calmer mind
-Improved relationships
-Greater Success in all areas of your Life

heather@heathermccrae.com for pricing and scheduling