Emotional Neutrality

I am admittedly an emotional person-a feeler. For people like me, the idea of being emotionally neutral just sounds really stupid.

Here’s what I’ve learned though: when dealing with other adults or children who are having, or have had intense experiences, staying neutral not only helps them, it helps me!

I am a trauma survivor, so I grew up in an alcoholic home with daily emotional upheaval and instability. When you live for so long in a powder keg that explodes, that becomes your inner state of being- not very productive.

As an Initiate in the Modern Mystery School, I have tools that I have learned to use in a very unique way, from Studying Wicca and Hermetics. I truly value what I’ve learned on this Path, because it’s always about self-awareness, not spiritual bypass. What I Learn and Practice, takes me deeper in, not further out. It helps me, my family, and my clients.

We work a LOT with the Elements- Earth, Air, Fire, Water and Spirit. As within, so without. These elements are around us and in us. I work with the Elements inside me to help me stay calm and neutral, instead of reactive, when the crap is hitting the fan with a client or one of my kids.

I remind myself, that I am Earth- stable and grounded. I am Water-clear and still. I am Air-cool and breezy. I am Fire- warm and illuminating.

I have used this mantra several times now and so far it works! I notice on my body where each of the elements are and say the mantra either in my head or out loud. Out loud is always better, even under your breath as all Magick is spoken.

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