Time to get to the Core Issues

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Inside every single “villain” is a wounded child. Every single adult and teen inside prison walls is a survivor of some sort of trauma.

The Work I do with both adults and children is to help heal those primal wounds. I can’t-won’t- do it for you, but I will help you do it.

If you’re an adult with wounds, you are hurting. That suffering isn’t necessary. Let me help you.

The way I Work is not standard therapeutic practice. If you have meds, keep taking them. If you have a therapist, keep seeing them. My Work with you will speed the Process you’ve begun.

You will change the way you think, and you will Love yourself more. Those two things will trump the wounding.

Sounds simple, and no it isn’t. Ego can be a powerful thing.

Just start simple. Let me teach you a Meditation method. After that, let me share tools and different ways of thinking that will stretch you beyond your wounding.

Get a #LifeActivation. Get your Faith back- in yourself and in the God that’s waiting for you-your God. Not the god your ego has tricked you into turning your back on. The God that Loves and supports you- regardless of your Faith Tradition.

You have waited so long to feel safe. I’m here to help guide you Home to you.

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