The Gym of the Soul

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Inner Child Work is not for wimps! Nobody can do it for you. Think of working with me as going to the Gym for your Soul. Even writing this I’m rolling my eyes WITH you!

The Work we do together is really hard at first and, just like going to the Gym, you’ll be sore (inside) and won’t see Progress right away- or if you do, it will be a little bit.

BUT- if you are brave enough to stick with it, and keep going, you will slowly and gently see Miracles unfold that you never thought possible. These Miracles look different for everyone. For some people, the Miracle is being in a healthy relationship with someone who Truly can and does love you in a healthy way. For others it’s being able to face an abuser with Light in your eyes knowing they can’t hurt you anymore and knowing whatever garbage they’re slinging, you’re not reacting- to ANY of it: you’re standing tall and free:

I don’t make Promises about anything EXCEPT that if you stick with it, you will Heal. How loot it takes is up to you.

I’m here to help. What we can’t do together is pity parties. We can’t sit and stew. You’ve had years of that and so have I. What we CAN do is:

1. Meditate to change stuck brain patterns so you begin to think differently and more hopefully

2. Jikiden Reiki to move the Energy of the abuse off your body

3. Life Activation to give you a deep infusion of Light and Hope

4. Coaching- I will give you specific techniques for dealing with specific issues

When you’re ready, I’m here

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