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As we enter into Autumn, it is important that we take care of ourselves- especially those who suffer with anxiety, depression and/or trauma. Here are some tips for keeping your head above water

  • Don’t Isolate

Even if you’re an introvert, be sure that at least once per week you are spending time with others. If this means attending 12 Steps or a Meditation Class, keep your cup full so you don’t feel alone

Trap- spending time at a mall alone.

Solution- Be in the company of like-minded people that lift you up

  • Meditate
  • It’s important to change your brain chemistry and create new neuropathways. Having a private meditation practice is essential, but so is meditating with others. There are #MaxMeditation classes literally all over the world that will help you do this.
  • Trap- thinking that meditation cannot be successfully done in a group
  • Solution –try it- it’s dirt cheap and you’ll get a lot out of it
    • Take really good care of yourself
  • Self care is really tough for those who suffer with depression or ACE’s. Even the simplest act of making your bed and taking a shower can really help improve your mood.
  • Alanon teaches the acronym HALT– don’t get too Hungry Angry Lonely or Tired. Whether you have an Addict in your life or not, this is great advice!
  • Trap- eating junk food and not keeping a regular bedtime will mess you up faster than anything.
  • Solution-Even if you’re going through a period of time where you don’t sleep well, get up at the same time every day, shower or bathe and attend to your day. This will help you if you choose to do it. Eat fruits and vegetables and proteins
    • Keep coffee or tea dates

    If money is a problem, do an exchange with someone who lifts you up. Once a week meet at each other’s homes and switch off.

    Trap- believing you can’t because you have no money is a lie you’re telling yourself. You two can meet and drink water. The important thing is human interaction!

    Solution- make a call or send a text or email today, right now, and get out there!

    There is ALWAYS a way to get through the tough times- always.


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