Anxiety, Productivity and the Workplace

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Any time you are distracted, even by positive thoughts, you aren’t present at your work and you’re unproductive.

What can you do to bring better focus?

  • Create a personal ritual in the car or on the train on your way to work. Close your eyes and let go of the things that happened right before. Remind yourself that you’re not ignoring them, you are putting them on hold until the end of the work day
  • Meditate! The number 1 reason I teach my clients to meditate is because it strengthens your Will and allows you to choose on thought over another.
  • Organize your time before and after work. One of the most common forms of self-sabotage is disorganization. Another reason to meditate is that it helps organize your brain. I’m off meds for ADHD as a result of Meditation.  When you make lists, or use your phone’s calendar, you are setting yourself up for success
  • TAKE A DAY OFF! If you are SO distracted at work that you really aren’t doing your job, take a mental health day and take care of yourself. Can’t take a day? Take an evening or a morning. Set an alarm. Get up early and get organized.
  • Gently (yes I said gently) notice what the patterns are. What are you resisting? How can you take the reigns and get back in charge? What’s there for you to lovingly own?


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