This one is a toughy even for famous people. It’s a really good idea to prepare well in advance of the event so you are able to feel confident.


  1. Do your research and be very thorough
  2. Organize your notes and thoughts and go over them so that you feel comfortable with the topic.
  3. Give yourself a LOT of prep time
  4. If you are given a last-minute assignment, be as organized as possible- this will substantially calm your nerves.
  5. Make a list of absolutely everything you need for that event and that day down to the smallest detail including the mints in your purse or favourite underwear. You will find this a very grounding and calming exercise as it gives you something real to focus on.
  6. If you can, go to the space where you will be speaking. Check and be sure you have everything you need. ASK FOR WHAT YOU NEED
  7. Go for a walk, a run, meditate, or do some form of exercise before your presentation


At the Time of the Event

  1. Breathe. In through your nose and out through your mouth
  2. Stay in the present moment and stay out of your head and in your Heart
  3. Regardless of what your ego tells you- you don’t have to be perfect, you just have to be Good.
  4. Before you start, take a breath and allow your body to relax into the moment.
  5. Focus on your topic- not how you feel. Look for someone you know and smile at them and talk to them. If you have other friends or acquaintances in the group or crowd, look at them.
  6. Breathe. In through your nose and out through your mouth
  7. If you make an error, relax and correct it. Focus on the information

For further Study

  1. Take a Theatre Class
  2. Take an improvisation Class
  3. Work with a Coach
  4. Trust yourself
  5. Practice meditation