My Beatitudes 

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If I speak and act from a place of unconscious fear, I am harming both you and I.

But-if I speak and act, taking ownership of my thoughts and feelings, I set us both free.

Love is bigger than Me. Love is Universal.

Love seeks opportunities and connection 

Love invites 

Love is Hope

Love is as profound as an orgasm and as mundane as waking up and doing the dishes so your Home is balanced and ordered. 

Love requires that you take Good Care of you so that you can continue to Serve others 

Love is so Healing at times that it defies human language because 

Love is experiential

Love requires that you grow beyond fear and petty thoughts 

Love wants more and bigger for you

Love wants balance 

Love will completely destroy your foundations built in fear over and over again until you finally understand

Love’s foundation is solid and sure and real and true and honest 

Love does not lie to you

Love wants you to take responsibility for every aspect of your life

Love wants you happy, but more importantly, Love wants you to have Joy that transcends happiness 

Love wants you to show up- first for yourself, then everyone in your Life

Love wants your bills and rent paid

Love wants you to stop talking and listen

Love is the Middle Pillar- Unifying all opposing forces in Life 

Love is Service 

Love is not overly emotional because Love is not a manipulation

Love never fails

Happy Thanksgiving

In Peace I Am,

Heather McCrae, MEd

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