Guest Blog: by Doreen Fulton, Transformational Author and Transition Coach

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On the Same Wavelength!


Guest Blog:  by Doreen Fulton, Transformational Author and Transition Coach
I had a fabulous time connecting with Heather McCrae at Neurodiversity Coaching last night.  I found that this former Special Education Teacher and I had much in common!  While our brains think differently we are both on the same wavelength.  We are both committed to making the lives of those we love with Special Needs better.  We both want to give voice to unspoken dreams and to help those who live with special needs celebrate their unique talents and gifts.
During our conversation, I shared my current projects and specifically talked about the launch of “Pebbles in the Pond,” a wonderful anthology, comprised of transformational stories from authors around the world.  I share my story “Finally, An IEP for Mom,” in this wonderful book and it will be released on May 20th.   You can watch my story unfold as I read my chapter here.  Everyone has a story and I encourage you to share yours and get a sneak peak of the book here:
Heather asked me about the 2-part webinar that I am co-hosting with Sandra Pearson from Our Special Families Village and I was happy to share that registration is still open.  Our webinar has a playful title and is delivered in two parts.  It’s titled,  If Mama Ain’t Transitioning, Ain’t Nobody is Transitioning.  It is jammed packed full of great info for Moms, Special Educators and Advocates and is designed to help you launch into a great summer.  I hope that you will join us.  Part 2 of this webinar will be aired on Thursday at 12pm.  Register nowand get the replay of part 1, with slides, notes and exercises.
I concluded the interview by talking about what comes next and was happy to report that Sandra Pearson from Our Special Families Village and I will be launching An IEP for Me, Coaching Circle for Moms, Special Educators and Advocates on May 15th.  This is a great resource for those who are facing a big transition without a game plan in hand.  Participants are asked to shift gears, and to focus on themselves.  To learn more about our Oasis of Support and join us, please visit Sandra and I at:
We would love to have more visitors at our facebook page. Please come over, “like us” and tell us Heather McCrae sent you and I will give you a free audio download from the IEP for Mom Telesummit.
Before signing off, I want to say once again how thrilled I am to be connected to the world’s only NeuroDiversity Coach!!   I am convinced that working together we can help more people to live the lives they were meant to lead without labels and stereotypes!  Together, we can let go of the past, embrace the beauty of the present and envision a brighter world.
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